Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Avoid Air Sickness

Air sickness is a big problem for many people. In fact, air sickness can be so serious that it can affect some people the minute they step into the plane! Once you've found the cheapest plane tickets, you don't want to get sick and ruin your trip! No matter how long you've looked forward to visiting a friend or a special place, air sickness takes the enjoyment out of any trip.

Air sickness happens when your brain receives mixed messages. At times your body appears to be moving or shaking, but at other times your body appears to be still or not moving.

There are some things you can do to eliminate, or at least, decrease air sickness while traveling on a plane.

Never fly on an empty or full stomach. Eating a large meal before getting on a flight can increase your chances of air sickness, just as flying on an empty stomach. Instead, eat a light mean before your flight. Eating things like, crackers, fresh fruit, and olives can help to avoid air sickness attacks.

Try to think of enjoyable things instead of about getting air sick. Thinking about getting sick can convince your body to believe it will be or is sick. Try to concentrate on previous joys you've experienced within your life.

Take over the counter air sickness medicines, such as Dramamine or Bonine before taking off and landing. Air sickness medicines work by helping to prevent confusion within your brain. You'll be able to relax and confusing signals about motion will not be sent to your brain, and you should not feel that dreaded sick feeling.

For some people, acupressure wristbands have helped. These types of wristbands can be purchased at most any pharmacy. Acupressure does not work for everyone, but it can be effective.

Try to remain in your seat. Sitting still helps eliminate confusing messages in your brain, so that sudden movements by the plane will not affect you as much. Relax, close your eyes, and stay comfortable.

Although, flights can be boring avoid reading on a plane. For many people, reading and motion can cause them to feel sick. Put on the headphones that come with your seat, and tune into a station of your choice and concentrate of the music.

Try to sit close to the wings of the plane. This area of a plane tends to be more stable, and has less shaking. Shaking can send confusing signals to the brain because to the eye, it appears you are not moving, but yet your body can feel movement.

Air sickness patches can also help avoid air sickness. Scopolamine patches are worn behind your ear, however, they can have side effects, such as, drowsiness, dry mouth and blurry vision.

Sometimes people worry about accidents or are afraid of heights. Watching airplanes take off and learning a bit about what actually goes on can help you overcome fears about flying.

Before your next flight, try to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Eat right, exercise to get blood flowing through your body and provide adequate oxygen level in the blood, and envision calm, happy thoughts.

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