Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help! There Are Pimples on My Butt!

No one likes pimples, and when they show up on your butt it's embarrassing and painful. Most pimples come to be because of clogged pores from sweat. The truth is that pimples can happen anywhere there is skin and hair.

No matter if the pimple is tiny or big, it is not welcome! Pimples on the butt can be very painful, and the booty is a common area for boils to appear. People who have jobs that require many hours of sitting can be prone to pimples on their buttocks. People who gain weight or sweat a lot are prone to pimples because when skin rubs against fabrics or does not have adequate ventilation the flesh becomes irritated and bacteria gets into skin openings (pores).
Tight fitting pants or underwear can irritate skin and body hairs and trigger an acne outbreak.

Heat rash is common and often appears when sweat glands become blocked or clogged. Sometimes an article of clothing that rubs on the butt can produce an allergic reaction and a rash to often appears. These rashes can be uncomfortable, painful and super itchy.

Usually, the best treatment for pimples is to leave them alone. A pimple will open when it's ready, and poking or 'popping' them is not helpful. In fact, the pimple often becomes infected if it is squeezed, popped or poked. Any discharge from the pimple should be cleaned up with water and mild soap. An antibiotic salve can be applied to the affected area.

Exfoliate the area of the butt at the first sign of a pimple. The pimple can get worse and that small red pimple can grow into a boil. The primary cause for butt acne is stress. Detergent and dirty underwear can be other factors. Always wear clean undies to help prevent acne outbreaks. The best underwear garmets are made from 100 percent cotton, as fabrics made from synthetic fibers can irritate the skin and cause the body to sweat.

Sweat is the common culprit that triggers acne development on the face and other parts of the body. Sweat traps dirt and oil in the skin, and the pores become clogged. The bacteria that cause acne will quickly multiply and form pimples.

Butt acne is embarassing for adults, teens and young children. Intimacy can dwindle because of unsightly pimples on the buttocks. Teens can be the focal point of others laughter if they must bare their butts in the shower after PE class. When acne attacks children wearing diapers, they can develop rashes and infected irritated bottoms. Acne is painful for everyone, children or adults.

Shedding dead skin cells by using an exfoliating cloth or loofah when bathing, along with good hygine are good preventative measures to keep pimples at bay. Avoid using scented products on the skin. Showering regularly is important for the treatment of butt acne. Getting rid of body sweat and dirt that clogs skin pores is essential. Squeezing the pimples can infect and cause the acne to become worse, and often permanent scars are left behind.

No one likes pimples but acne can be minimized by wearing breathable cotton undies, washing the area with a gentle antibacterial body wash, and exfoliating dead skin. Once the area is cleaned, dry the skin surface with a soft towel and apply a benzoyl-peroxide gel or glycolic-acid formula to help dry out the pimple.

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